13 Reasons Why – A Review


This is one of the rare occurrences where I hadn’t read the book before watching the show. I had known about the book for years but just never got the urge to pick it up, I just really didn’t want to invest in a character who was already dead; all that could lead to was disappointment and sadness, but this show has made me rethink.

Now I know it’s been getting a lot of controversial press, which I can understand as it may be ‘triggering’ for some, but at the same time I think we all needed this, especially at a time when hate is rife among our population.

I absolutely loved the format of the show, seeing the experiences, not only through Hannah’s eyes, but also the perpetrators, really makes you think about how your own actions could have affected the people around you, yes she was overly dramatic and maybe she could have handled some of the situations better but hindsight is 20/20 as they say. It shows that sometimes people’s depression might not be understandable, they might not have gone through a catastrophic event which sent them spiraling downwards, drips fill a bucket, and in Hannah’s case it was 13 small events, built on top of each other, which finally took her over the edge. The great thing about this show is that everyone is going to relate to at least one of her experiences, or at least have a daughter, sister, cousin, friend who can – all watchers will be able to emphasise with her in some way.

Yes, the suicide scene was intense, it had been building up to this point through the entire season and I am glad it was shown. It would have been a cop out to cut away just as the ‘crowning’ moment had happened – it did not glamourise it, it was cold and unemotional, it was real. Even though I had to watch through the gaps in my fingers, you could feel what she was going through, you could understand the thought processes that got her to that point, Hannah needed it to be over. And I sobbed, oh how I sobbed but hopefully this might help watchers spot some of these signs in others and actually be able to help before it’s too late.

Now there’s a lot more I can say but I don’t want to spoil anymore, I urge everyone to watch this, regardless whether you are young or old and feel teenage dramas are beneath you, we can all take something valuable away.



Affiliate link: Buy 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher (Book) here or watch on Netflix

p.s. the soundtrack is also incredible!


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