GIRLBOSS, Episode 1 – A Review


“Adulthood is where dreams go to die..”

Girlboss is one of Netflix’s most recent releases created by the writer of Pitch Perfect, New Girl and 30 Rock, Kay Cannon, so I went into this expecting a lot.

It centers around Sophia, a slightly lost 23 year old, struggling to come to terms with her adulthood. She is getting evicted from her flat, gets fired from her job, her car runs out of petrol in the middle of the street, overall things aren’t looking good for her.

Parts of Sophia’s character really resonated with me, I can understand her disdain of the world but she actually kind of comes across as a bit of a spoilt brat.  It seems that she has bought all of the badness on herself. I would have fired her too – she turns up late for work, dosses around and then goes on to eat her bosses sandwich!


(I doubt I was the only one to be reminded of this scene, 100% side with Ross, who eats another person’s sandwich??)

If she had put petrol in her car, it wouldn’t have stopped, if you pay your rent, you don’t get evicted. I always have trouble empathising with characters who are so obviously self destructive.

On that note, why are ‘feminist’ characters always portrayed as being awful at looking after themselves? Yes, I understand that typically women are saddled with the household chores and they are trying to go against this stereotype, but really? There is no shame in knowing how to do your own laundry or cooking yourself a meal! If anything it should be more empowering to see a woman doing all of this just for herself. Not needing anyone else to care care of you should be what being a feminist is.

At least Sophia seems to be self-aware of her awfulness, she asks a friend ‘Why am I such an asshole?’, because you don’t take responsibility for your own life, that’s why!

One thing I did love about this first episode is the retro feel, the clothes not quite fitting in with the decade, Sophia’s best friend would have slotted right into the 60s and I am in love with those burgundy bell bottom trousers.  I assume this is to suggest that Sophia perhaps is more suited to a different decade, and to reflect her love of vintage clothes because this all happened in 00s right?

Overall I was slightly disappointed, but I am excited to watch the rest of the series, hopefully the character develops into something more meaningful as the real life story of Sophia Amoruso is absolutely fascinating (bankruptcy and dubious working conditions aside).



I was also very happy to see a small cameo from The Lovely Bones and The Devil Wears Prada’s Stanley Tucci – damn that guy does not age!

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