How To Make Time To Read

Understandably, reading isn’t normally number one on everyone’s to do lists. Reading, to me, shows that you’ve got a little pocket of time purely for self indulgence, but those moments are rare in the modern world.

With work, social lives, endless box sets, chores it is very hard to find the time to pick up a book but here are some tips to help you escape into the world of imagination a little more.

1. Go to bed 30 mins early book-2135767_1920

Yes, it’s an obvious one, but it’s surprisingly hard to get a good night time routine. So try and escape to your bedroom a little earlier than usual, set your alarm, put down the phone, get cozy and fit in a chapter or two of that book you’ve be meaning to read for ages.


2. Get Up 30 mins earlierbreakfast-867822_1920

Easier than it sounds I promise! Get yourself ready, make a cuppa, get your book and settle down for a bit of peace and quiet before the day starts.


3. Don’t waste your commuteblur-1850043_1920

For those of us who rely on public transport to get them to and from work, this is the perfect time to get stuck into your reading list – get yourself some noise cancelling headphones, put on some instrumental music and you won’t even notice the other passengers.


4. Use it as a time fillerstreet-1208302_1920

There are often moments in the day where you find yourself waiting for something, be it the dinner that’s in the oven, a bus, or even a long line. Make those minutes count by always keeping a book in your bag and try finishing up a chapter.


5. Get in the bathbathroom-4841_1280.jpg

If you struggle to get alone time when you’re at home, a bath is the perfect escape. With a locked door in between you and the world you’ve got some guaranteed uninterruptible time to spend with a good book. If you’re scared about dropping it I recommend getting a tray that you can put over the bath or even try popping your Kindle in a sandwich bag!


6. Audiobooksheadphones-690685_1920

If you are really struggling to make time to read why not try listening to an audiobook in the car or while you’re doing the chores – it will make the time pass much more quickly too!


7. Use your smartphoneiphone-518101_1920

We are all attached to our phones these days so why not use that time productively? There are plenty of great ebook apps available that make reading super accessible whenever you have a spare minute.


Let me know how you make time to read!

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